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Bonding - (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: After Steve has shared a lunch with Reader, she finds some marvelous drawings he has hidden and she asks him to teach her how to draw like him.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.3k
Warnings: none!
   November 2012 - Steve’s apartment, Brooklyn, New York
“Okay, so Indian food isn’t really your thing. We won’t order it, next time,” you laughed
“This thing’s good but definitely too spicy for me.” Steve put a hand on his stomach and when you were about to throw his meal in the trash, he rushed to the kitchen and took the plat
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 24 26
Support II - (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Since the Battle of New York, Steve has become an adviser for S.H.I.E.L.D. in war and political crises. He practically spends all his time working with the agency as a simple consultant and Reader - who wants to take a break from the assignments - finally get to share some time with the super soldier in Manhattan to relax a bit.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2k
Warning: light swearing.
   September 2012 - Manhattan, NYC
“See? Taking a break from work is good after all… took me ten years to realize this,” you raised an eyebrow at the man you
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 15 7
Truth - (Clint Barton x Reader x Natasha Romanoff)
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: More than two months after the Battle of New York, Reader is mourning the death of Coulson, but she can't seem to understand his last words and that leaves her even more confused.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.9k
Warning: swearing.
   July 2012 - Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington D.C.
As the bright sun hit your skin on a hot day of summer, you stood in front of Coulson’s grave and remembered every moment you shared with your role model, your support and your mentor. During all those years with S.H.I.E.L.D., he had always been there for you and here you were,
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 15 6
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 9/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader has to answer the World Security Council's many questions about the Tesseract events and the Battle of New York before saying goodbye to the Avengers about to take the road.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.7k
Warnings: swearing (you already know) and very, very tiny bit of angst.
   48 hours later - S.H.I.E.L.D. Interrogation Room, New York
Sitting at a conference table with four screens in front of you, showing the World Security Councilmen and Councilwoman, you stayed in the dark lighted room with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s logo everywhere as you were heard by yo
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 11 15
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 8/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: The Avengers are thrown in a battle in New York against Loki's army of aliens - the Chitauri - and they have to protect the earth from their invasion, trying to get back the Tesseract from the enemy.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 3.5k
Warnings: violence, mentions of death, swearing and tiny bit of angst.
Author's Note: A very, very long chapter because I didn't want to cut the battle of New York in two parts. Anyway, it's time for you to unleash your great powers.
   A few minutes later - the Quinjet, Manhattan, NYC
As Natasha and Clint piloted the jet toward
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 11 16
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 7/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: The Avengers have to finally team up together and face Loki's team of mercenaries inside the Helicarrier, yet everything doesn't end well, especially for Reader.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.6k
Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of blood, character's death, mention of alcohol and angst
   S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier - The laboratories
“Oh, my God,” Bruce whispered whilst looking at the monitor.
You couldn’t even process his words that a big explosion shook the whole ship and everyone was thrown in every direction as the lab explode
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 11 0
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 6/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader finally knows what S.H.I.E.L.D. is realy doing with the Tesseract and what Phase 2 is because of Tony's hacking and Steve's little invastigation.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warnings: None.
Author's Note: I'm so sorry, I couldn't update yesterday because of some Wi-Fi problems.
      The Bridge, the Helicarrier, Classified
The Bridge, the Helicarrier, Classified Rigorously checking the Galaga agent’s work on the search for Clint, Selvig and the Tesseract, you crossed your arms behind him and stared at several computer scre
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 11 2
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 5/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader spend some time with the science bros working on Loki's scepter and finding the Tesseract.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and Steve and Tony being drama queens.
Author's Note: You know what's the only thing I hate about The Avengers... the way Whedon wrote Steve and Clint! It's so frustrating because there is a large difference between them in the Avengers movies and their characters in the MCU in general. I was very disappointed by their characterization in these movies, let's hope the Russo brothers and the crew have kept up their great work in Infinity War and Avengers 4.
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 11 0
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 4/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader goes to see Loki...
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warning: One light swear.
Author's Note: Okay, so first time writing Loki, I hope it's decent enough because I love him and I'd feel depressed if I've missed a thing. XD
      A few hours later - the Helicarrier’s infirmary, Classified
After you had swallowed a dozen of coffees, you’d taken a well needed shower and finally let a nurse patch you up, stitching up your lower lip. You successfully covered the few bruises on your face with some make up Natasha had given you.
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 14 0
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 3/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader and the rest of the team bring Loki to the Helicarrier when a blonde man makes a remarked appearance.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Light swearing.
   A few minutes later - inside the Quinjet
Back inside the jet, Loki was subdued on his seat, weirdly silent as he looked straight in front of him, not saying a word since you had [so easily] arrested him. Standing near the cockpit between the super soldier and your brother, you watched the Asgardian with suspicion while trying to reassure Tony, claiming you felt better already.
“Stark is rig
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 14 0
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 2/9
RatingTeens and Up
Summary: Reader is sent to Germany with Steve and Natasha to arrest Loki.
SeriesY/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Violence, mentions of blood and light angst [?].
Author's Note: Some of the lines at the end of the chapter come from an episode of AoS season 3. This dialogue was so powerful and related to this story that I needed to add it, sorry if this bothers you.
   The Bridge, Helicarrier, Classified
After quickly showing Steve and Banner around the helicarrier with Natasha, you walked onto the bridge of the ship where Fury had requested your
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 15 7
The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 1/9
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader is interrupted in the middle of a mission and she has to quit everything to try to save her best friend, Clint and protect S.H.I.E.L.D. threatened by Loki.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warning: Light swearing at the beginning.
   May 2012 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“Crap!” You cursed as the woman you’d followed the whole evening at a gala left without you could do anything, unless you would’ve had jeopardized an entire week of hard work.
S.H.I.E.L.D. had sent you to get your hands on the plans of a dangerous weapon the woman had
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 19 14
Support - (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader pays a visit to Steve and tells him more about the people they both know and what happened to them.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.9k
Warning: One swear. Sorry, Captain.
Author's Note: Inspired by a deleted scene in The Avengers where Steve is visiting Manhattan. An old man will make an appearance at some point. *whispering* Don't tell, but this is Stan "The Man" Lee! This legend had to appear at least once in my series.
   April 2012 - Steve Rogers' Apartment, Brooklyn, NY
Two weeks earlier, Captain Ro-… Steve had come back from the safe
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 31 15
Meet the Captain - (Steve Rogers x Reader) 2/2
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader keeps visiting Steve, who is more relaxed and it seems like an unexpected friendship find its way.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.2k
Warnings: None.
   March 2012 - S.H.I.E.L.D.’s safe house, Classified
You stepped inside the cabin where Captain Rogers had lived in for more than a month with a box containing everything you could assemble from Rogers’ old stuff: compass, books, folders, dog tags and even some clothes that the S.S.R. had saved in their archives.
“Cap?” You called for him, walking inside every little room, but you seemed
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 24 5
Meet the Captain - (Steve Rogers x Reader) 1/2
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Fury has a new assignment for Reader that isn't easy at all, but helping Captain America is a challenge she will take up.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.1k
Warnings: None.
Author's Note: In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two, Coulson says that S.H.I.E.L.D. had sent Steve to a cabin for a few weeks after he had been defrosted, so here you go.
   February, 2012. [Two days later] - S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Headquarters, Manhattan, NYC
Standing in the middle of a res
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 30 11
Meet the Captain - [Prologue]
Pairing: Nick Fury/Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Fury assigns Reader to bring back home a certain famous war hero, but she doesn't even except what's going to happen.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.9k
Warnings: None. You'll be too shocked to swear. Trust me.
Author's Note: My early Christmas gift to you... 'meeting' Steve Rogers for the first time.
   February 2012 [overnight] - Your penthouse, Manhattan, NYC
Peacefully sleeping in your bedroom, your rest was interrupted as some thuds could be heard from the kitchen. You fluttered your eye
:iconxdarkloki:xDarkLoki 21 19


Lost In The Sky :iconkienerii:kienerii 23 19 Alone Protects Me :iconkienerii:kienerii 14 8
Two Old Men + Falcon x Reader: Part Two.
"M-Me?" He stuttered. She nodded and sat on the couch and hugged her legs to her chest. "Since when?"
She shrugged and stared at the ground. Silence danced between them in a comfortable manner for what seemed like the longest time, but it was only three minutes. After the third minute passed she looked up at him. He was caught staring at her, but he didn't mind. Especially because he witnessed her cheeks darken. He moved a little closer and rested his arms on the top of the couch.
“Was that a too straightforward answer?” She asked and looked away from him.
He smiled. “I'm sure it surprised you just as much as me. But a bit.” He laughed.
They went on talking about anything they wanted to know. From their past, how they're coping now, and what they figured out so far what they like to do. Her eyes met his a few times and she got some unusual emotions she can't properly express or understand.
A few hours later
Sam looked at Steve, who then looked at him. Sa
:iconin-my-remains:In-My-Remains 3 5
Captain America: Civil War :iconkanombravo:KanomBRAVO 42 1 Captain America- Civil War Poster (Steve Version) :icontclarke597:tclarke597 46 19 The Devil and The Assassin :iconsia1965pak:sia1965pak 65 1 Hela :icontustakari:Tustakari 48 4
On Your Left (Steve Rodgers x Reader)
“I’m really glad we’re finally doing this,” Sam said as Y/n jogged beside him. He’d been asking her to be his running partner for over a month.
“Don’t get too excited, it’s a one time thing,” Y/n huffed. Their sneakers pounded the pavement simultaneously. “I only agreed so you would stop bugging me.”
“Who knows, you could get hooked.”
“I will not, I hate jogging.”
“No you don’t, you just hate waking up this early.”
Y/n laughed. The sun cast purple rays into the sky as it crawled out from the darkness of night. The national mall was deserted, which in Y/n’s mind, was the one and only perk of being up at the crack of dawn. Sweat gathered on her hairline and her legs burned comfortably.
“On your left.” A deep masculine voice said from behind the two friends. Y/n jumped slightly as she watched a fit man in a tight grey shirt pass them.
Sam groaned,
:icond0gss:d0gss 80 14
Calling Out Your Name :iconkienerii:kienerii 15 6 Robert Downey Jr :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 147 6 Benedict Cumberbatch :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 142 7 Magic Marvel - STRANGE :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 123 7 Grant Ward :iconkienerii:kienerii 31 13 Jessica Jones :iconkienerii:kienerii 46 6 Glory's Fire :iconkienerii:kienerii 33 19 Wherever It Goes :iconkienerii:kienerii 61 16




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Hi everyone,

I'm just another huge and hopeless Marvel fan, basically they've ruined my social life and I'm not even sorry.

I love a lot of things and writing is one of those, so if you love reader inserts with your favorite MCU superheroes, join me!

Thanks for watching or passing by.
Salma xx

Oh, and as you can see, I'm a proud member of the Tony Stark defense squad who also loves every other character.



Hi, guys. I hope you are all doing well because this isn’t the case for me.

So, I have a big problem as the title says. This week’s new chapter was supposed to be the prologue of the Iron Man 3 arc story I wrote months ago, but I won't be able to post it soon.

This whole fic is saved on my computer, but strangely I keep the movies arc stories in a different file than the chapters happening in-between them.

Once I've finished writing the Iron Man 3 chapters, I saved them on my computer and then focused on the CATWS arc story I wrote on another Microsoft Word doc. Today - when I opened the Iron Man 3 file to proofread and all, the nine chapters (including the prologue & the epilogue) weren’t there anymore! I searched for hours and I still can’t find the file. I thought I’ve saved it on my flash drive, but I didn’t.

I guess it has something to do with the last Microsoft update that has almost deleted all of my folders. Basically, right now, I don’t have the next nine chapters, but - don't worry - the rest is carefully saved.

So, obviously, I can’t write the Iron Man 3 arc story in one night and I can't update this fic as soon as I thought.

I’m so sorry, but you will have to wait at least two weeks before I can update this story because I have my exams approaching after the spring break (it's one week here) and also because I need to rewrite these chapters.

I hope you understand. Sorry.

Also, I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone for reading this story. It means a lot and even if my work is not perfect or not popular, I truly appreciate your support. Your comments always warm my heart and bring a smile. Thank you.
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: After Steve has shared a lunch with Reader, she finds some marvelous drawings he has hidden and she asks him to teach her how to draw like him.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2.3k
Warnings: none!

   November 2012 - Steve’s apartment, Brooklyn, New York

“Okay, so Indian food isn’t really your thing. We won’t order it, next time,” you laughed

“This thing’s good but definitely too spicy for me.” Steve put a hand on his stomach and when you were about to throw his meal in the trash, he rushed to the kitchen and took the plate from your hands.

“What’s wrong?” You asked and lay the pieces of cutlery in the sink with your own plate.

“Don’t put it in the trash; I don’t waste food when people in this world are dying of hunger.”

“Whoa- whoa Mr. Righteousness, what will you do with this now?” You put your hands on your hips as he wrapped the plate with the cellophane and he placed it in the fridge.

“I’m gonna eat it for dinner,” he responded with the same tone you’d used and laughed quietly as your eyes fell back.

As it was natural, you went to your new friend’s apartment, showing him everything about the twenty-first century as you had promised. Steve had been quite reluctant at the beginning because he was ashamed to depend on someone, but gradually, he realized you only wanted to help him and not judge him.

The super soldier was very curious about everything in this new culture. Many things had shocked because - in sixty-seven years - customs had changed and were not the same at all. He tried to understand, but sometimes he felt homesick and when he was lost, you let him have his moment alone with his memories as companions, respecting this part of him.

Some other times, it was even him that taught you some things about his time. You secretly liked to notice the wonderful sparkle in his blue eyes. It highlighted the touches of green in the irises whenever he would tell you about his old Brooklyn and his friends there.

“Y/N, be honest with me, how many times have you washed the dishes before?” Steve asked, putting the dishes under the water, after he had watched you unsuccessfully rubbing away a resistant stain.

“Uh, I try to avoid this situation. So, I’d say maybe two… or three times.” You shrugged a shoulder, drying your hands and this surprised look stayed glued to his face. “I’ve been adopted by billionaires! We had Jarvis at home doing this stuff and now, all of my houses have magic devices called: dishwashers.”

“Three times, you can’t be serious,” Steve laughed and you sent him a glare. “Jarvis is the British soldier, who worked for Howard, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, Edwin was so handsome at that time,” you mused loudly, looking up as you remembered his young face again. “Dad met him during the war when you were on the French front I think... He quickly became our butler and a very close ally. He had this father-son relationship with Tony when he was younger. This is why our favorite A.I. and friend is called Just A Rather Very Intelligent System… J.A.R.V.I.S.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am.”

“Anyway.” You ignored his thought. “Just saying that as a spy and billionaire, I don’t have time for this, so I pay someone to do all the cleaning and that’s it.”

“I’m not judging, it was just… fun seeing you fighting with this little spoon.” The super soldier raised his eyebrows and you giggled softly, tilting your head to the side.

“Hey, where is the kitchen rag?” You asked and he pointed at one of the drawers behind your back whilst he dried the dishes.

As you searched in the drawer on your right, you spotted dozens of papers lying inside. Your curiosity piqued, you took a closer look at some pretty sketches and gorgeous finished drawings depicting natural landscapes, Brooklyn and some WWII key moments.

“What is this? You didn't tell me you had all these drawings.” You smiled, turning your head in the super soldier’s direction. Yet, when he saw the papers in your hands, he took them back.

“No, it’s nothing important. Just some stuff from the past,” he gulped and slipped between you and the counter.

“C’mon, Captain, you know I won’t make fun of you,” you coaxed, seeing the embarrassment in his eyes and he bit his lower lip. “Do you trust me?”

“Uh- yeah, I… I-” Steve rubbed the back of his neck and didn’t miss the hurt lines on your face features. “Yes, I do, Y/N. I trust you.”

“Then you know I’m not trying to be mean.” You kicked a brow and he gave you the sketches and the rest waiting in the drawer with a smile. “These are beautiful! Why don't you spend more time on them?”

“I'm too busy.”

“Steve, you're S.H.I.E.L.D.'s adviser on crisis and war, not an agent yet. You have time.”

“Right, you got me,” he chuckled and waited for your reactions as your gaze lay on new magnificent drawings. The last time he had felt something pretty close to this nervousness was when he had gone alone in Washington D.C. He had taken this opportunity to visit Peggy for the first time in seventy years, not very long after Loki’s attack on earth.

At this moment, Steve realized you seemed to be one of the rare people he truly trusted since he had woken up. Slowly recovering, the Battle of New York and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s questionable behavior had created some suspicions towards the world and its leaders, yet he tried not to judge on one action.

It wasn’t the same anymore. He began to think that even if the war and being a soldier still affected his personal life - following orders and giving his trust to people who always had secrets wasn’t so easy anymore. He saw things this way because he had grown up in a world where everything was either black or white, where he knew what was right and wrong.

However, since the Second World War, there was this blurry and gray area with a lot of doubtful compromises he had to deal with now. Here, you tried to stay impartial and honest whenever he asked. You knew that hiding something from this man was impossible as his eyes always gave this disappointed look that formed a crinkle between his eyebrows.

“Have you ever thought about being an artist?” You asked, following Steve back in the living room with the drawings. He placed two cups of coffees on the table as you both sat on either side of the couch and faced each other.

“I have. I studied a year in Auburndale Art School in this neighborhood, but I had to stop 'cause I couldn't afford another year.”

“What happened?” You brought the cup to your lips and took in a long slip.

“My mother died.”

“I'm sorry.” You nipped your bottom lip between your teeth and he shook his head, saying you couldn’t have known.

“Everything has become tougher since then, so I had to quit to get more money.” He sipped from his coffee and looked at a photo of his parents on the fireplace. “I took a job as newspaper boy until I decided to give a sense to my life and serve as every man back then. I got no right to do any less than them... I tried hard and then, I found Dr. Erskine, who gave me a chance.”

“And then I know the story,” you chuckled and drank your cup until you saw a particular sketch among all these you had on your lap. “Is that you before the serum?”

“I think so,” Steve responded with a new shyness.

You recognized the same warm sandy blonde hair brushed to the side, this chiseled jaw and those pink full lips. There was this discreet smile curling them and his face held a quite timid expression as if he had no idea how to draw himself without seeming arrogant.

Everything on his face was the same as you had him facing you, except his skinny figure: the way his large white shirt was supported by the black and red suspenders made him look lost in this amount of fabric. This tie around his neck almost seemed too big compared to the rest, but it was Steve. You could tell the serum hadn’t changed a thing in his heart or in his mind, it was just his body envelope that had gotten bigger and you wished you had met this little guy before.

“You are adorable, Steve.” You smiled, looking at the paper and him back and forth. “This is crazy how you’ve managed to put the same look in the eyes and the nose is perfect.”

“It’s from that day when we worked on self-portraits.”

“It’s… it’s amazing. I’m so impressed by this soft side of yours.”

“Thanks.” He finished his coffee. “You know, it’s up to anyone. You just have to be serious and put a lot of work on it.”

“Wanna bet? I can’t even draw a simple dog; it’ll look like a butterfly or something.”

“Y/N, I wasn’t born with a pencil in my hand, I learned and you could too.”

“Okay, give me a sketchbook and I’ll prove you for the first time of your life you are wrong.”

“Sure.” He smirked lightly, taking this as an innocent challenge. He finally had gotten to know your personality a little better since that time you had spent together in the cabin months prior.

In a few seconds, Steve came back from his bedroom at the other side of the apartment and gave you everything you needed. He sat closer to you this time and with a sly smile, you turned your back, not giving him a chance to see what you were drawing.

The super soldier chuckled, waiting patiently for you to finish as you almost had jumped on his sketchbook. As minutes passed in his clock hanging above the dinner table, you scratched on the paper with all the seriousness you could. You tried your best to recreate every feature of a person you missed, a person you loved the most.

“Done!” You smiled and turned back to Steve, who faked to have fallen asleep, sinking into the leather couch.

You knocked on his forehead, earning a slight groan and laughed, still enjoying this funny side of his you only witnessed on rare occasions. You lay the sketchbook on his thighs and let him stare at the paper for long seconds of tortuous suspense.

“Is it Maria?” The super soldier questioned with this hesitant expression.

“Yes!” You beamed, looking at the sketch. “At least you recognized my mother, so I feel incredibly honored.”

“I remember the same pose in this photo you have on your piano at Stark Tower.”

“You seem to remember everything by a simple glance,” you teased.

“Professional experience.”

“This professional experience is also why you are an artist and I’m not, Captain Obvious.” You snapped your fingers as an idea popped into your mind. “Why don’t you teach me?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’d be cool if you could give me a few tips and all.”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Steve inched closer to you until his knee brushed yours and he took the pencil in his hand. As he began to draw a simple, feminine figure mimicking your mother, he also told you how to recreate the curves without trying to be idealistic and stay realistic.

Your eyes followed the fluid movements of his hand on the paper like he was performing a dance and your ears lost their hearing when your gaze went to up to his face. It was like everything slowly became blurry around you both as you focused on the way this crease between his eyebrows. It made him look so serious when he was doing a thing he liked.

A warm smile graced your features as you admired his profile and you remembered how much seeing him relaxed and peaceful always brought an unexpected touch of happiness to the few free days spent with him.

“Y/N?” Steve called, waving at you as you were lost in admiration and caught off guard.

“How do you do the shades?” You coughed and took back a serious look.

“It’s easy, you just gotta play with the...” He stopped talking when you already narrowed your eyes. “…you mind if I take your hand? I mean, it’s… it’s just for the lesson and of course, you- you don’t have-”

“It’s okay, take it.” You gave him your palm, mentally noting how cute and lovely he looked whenever he acted like a gentleman as he was physically so close to a woman in years.

The super soldier smiled and you took the pencil in your hand before he enveloped his larger one around yours, using your fingers to draw. “So, you play with the lights to give this effect, the hard and soft edges are important too just like the shadows.”

As you felt his breath landing on the skin of your neck every time he turned his head to speak close to you, goosebumps made an appearance all over your surface. Once again, your brain decided to stay focused on the soft contact of his warm skin on yours and how much it felt right at this moment. In an instant, you swallowed and tried to avoid his so beautiful baby blue eyes that had you unconsciously captivated.

You internally fought the new feeling you couldn’t have predicted months ago and you turned away from the sketchbook, raising your gaze. That was when you saw her. Your fingers loosened their grasp around the pencil, dropping it as your eyes stared at a photo of Peggy on the fireplace. It was like something invisibly powerful had hit you at this moment.

“Hey, you all right, Y/N?” Steve asked with this concern in his tone and you shifted your attention to him. You forced a smile and you moved away, giving more space between you.

“Yes, I’m fine… I just remembered something very important.”


Author's Note: all I can say right now is, I hope you like slow burn fics...
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Since the Battle of New York, Steve has become an adviser for S.H.I.E.L.D. in war and political crises. He practically spends all his time working with the agency as a simple consultant and Reader - who wants to take a break from the assignments - finally get to share some time with the super soldier in Manhattan to relax a bit.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 2k
Warning: light swearing.

   September 2012 - Manhattan, NYC

“See? Taking a break from work is good after all… took me ten years to realize this,” you raised an eyebrow at the man you had finally gotten to step away from S.H.I.E.L.D. for a day when the sun had finished setting, letting the sky be covered by the stars for the hours coming your way.

“Is this something you do with all your friends?” Steve asked, swallowing his bite as you stood beside a food-truck, both eating some hot-dogs.

“Just a few, actually,” you responded, mouth full of bread and he chuckled quietly. “I love this city so much that I need to share the best places with interesting people.”

Sung by Franck Sinatra, U2 or Jay Z, New York City was not unknown, even to the ones who visited it for the first time, just like Steve with whom you had spent long hours, strolling between the avenues of Manhattan. Of course, the super soldier knew New York, because after all, he had always lived in Brooklyn, but what you made him discover was quite new despite the still fresh ruins and wounds of the Battle of New York.

Between laughs and wide eyes with a touch of MSG, Guggenheim, Central Park and the top of the Empire State Building, in a day you had visited other unmissable symbols of New York that Steve hadn't had the opportunity to see rise. However, the tourist side of the tour was quickly abandoned for a funnier and less crowded moment, showing him the best little bars and restaurants in your neighborhood as well as the only quiet places to relax.

Despite his unusual story, Steve was glad to spend more time in the modern streets of the city that never sleeps because he had decided not to remain isolated in the past, at least as long as he could. Sometimes, he still had some apprehension about several things, but you stayed patient and didn’t shake him, telling him to wake up to watch the good things around him, yet those moments were rare because your jobs took all your time.

“The funniest tour was with Matt, a lawyer I met a few years ago,” you laughed as you recalled the joyful moments with your friend.

“Why was it so funny?”

“He's blind,” you blurted out and he almost chocked as he finished the hot-dog. “It was the good times in Hell's Kitchen... no alien invasion.”

Steve managed to smile, wiping away his mouth and you imitated. “I should probably do the same for Brooklyn. The spirit of liberty-”

“Brooklyn is like the cradle of liberty, its very own spirit is found in its people,” you cut him off, leaving him with his lips parted as you repeated exactly what he had in mind. “After the war, dad told me a story about a pretty crazy Southern girl he’d met at the Griffith Hotel- a boarding house for women… she wanted to visit the real New York.”

“Howard… no need to imagine how this ended,” he mumbled loud enough.

“Nope, spare yourself, Steven,” you smiled and passed a hand through your hair as the warm wind hit you. “Come on, let's go. Another stop waits for us.”

“We're just getting comfortable,” the super soldier remarked and you tried to push his toned back, making him smile jovially as he didn’t even move an inch.

“I know you are. Come on, Dorito, it's New York. Now, hustle.”

Ignoring Steve’s blue eyes narrowing, you held a giggle and led the way through the streets of Manhattan, pointing at strategic spots where you’d created some memories with either your brother or your friends. Despite the Tesseract events, the city recovered slowly and had begun the reconstructions everybody had waited for. The trauma was still livid in your hometown, but you’d chosen to move on, remembering that life was around you.

As you were too focused on enjoying another laugh in the night where the city was most active, a man pushed your shoulder and you almost tripped and fell if it wasn’t for a certain blonde haired sweetheart holding you before you could hit the ground.

“Hey, watch where you walk, you idiot!” You shouted at the man, who quickly walked away from you, disappearing in the street and leaving you still held in Steve’s arms. “Whoops, sorry,” you smiled, released from the gentle grip and walking down the 7th Avenue


“My last word will probably be either: whoops or shit,” you laughed. “Another thing you need to know, in modern Manhattan, everybody just kind of walks wherever they want.”

“I'll keep it in mind.”

Almost the apotheosis of your evening in town, Times Square. So much seen and re-seen, on television, in photos or in the movies that Steve felt like he had always known this neighborhood since he'd woken up. Yet, in reality, it was completely different, there was such animation, such intensity, so many lights. Disguised figures, tourists, New Yorkers, yellow taxis, billboards, these were the best shows of New York in your eyes.

“Y/N, you're showing me Times Square, I've been here a lot of times, you know. This is not touristy at all,” Steve used sarcasm as he liked and you both stopped in your tracks, looking at the growing animation around you.

“Would you shush?”

You smirked, the lights of the televisions everywhere, hitting your faces and when the flash news appeared, showing the video archives of the Battle of New York, the slight happiness disappeared from your faces as you saw the desolation you had been part of.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t-”

“It's all right,” the super soldier muttered, stepping away from the middle of the street and you knew this only reminded him he was made to fight and not enjoy free time when people were dead. He hardly went out without being followed by his admirers and now this happened.

“Steve, I know what you're doing. You can’t only stay focused on your work with S.H.I.E.L.D.,” you said, following his long and fast steps and he put his hands in his pockets, head up. “Believe me, I have been there. You cannot fill your life with this. It will kill you.”

“I'm just doing my job, Y/N. That's why you thawed me out for, isn't it?”

“You wanna be back on ice, is that it? Because that's where you're headed.” You stepped in front of him, stopping him from walking any further and he met your eyes with fierce. “Why are you such a mess?”

“I'm fine, really.”

“No, you're not… why do you think I brought you here with me today? You need R and R like anyone else.”

“I'm a super soldier!”

“You're a man!” You lowered your voice as some people stared at you. “Now be straight with me… why are you dodging the downtime?”

“I'd just rather keep busy, that's all.”

“You got something against having a life; it hurts less when you're fighting, doesn't it?”

“You don't know, Y/N.”

“You’re wrong; I know exactly how you feel right now. They say it shouldn’t be our burden, but it’s false. I know that you are afraid of peace because the moment you have it, a normal life seems within your grasp… and you don't want to lose that again.”

You lay a hand on his arm gently, making him look into your eyes and he tried to hear your words and process them, but he thought the war was within him and retiring or enjoying some time off wasn’t something he had planned, even when he was still living in his time.

“Listen, you got the right to be a little screwed up after a seventy-year deep freeze, but that's the past. You defeated Hydra, we killed the Chitauri and we made the world safe again. I think it’s time for you to start letting go.”

“I know what I have to do; I always knew what I wanted to do with my life… but now…,” he shushed, looking away and he cursed lightly under his breath. “The field is what I need.”

“You wanna know why Coulson liked you so much?” You questioned and took him by surprise. “He liked the fact your personality embraced so much the costume, but he also knew that you are so much more than this stupid propaganda. He knew you’d dedicate your life to do what you believe in because this is how you see it and how you were raised.”

“People need heroes, they need to feel safe and we became this group representing this ideal. They made the Avengers heroes,” you pointed at the crowd around, remembering what exactly had pushed your team to finally assemble. “We both know it's a lot to take on, but we did it. You are not perfect, yet you are meant to do that: stand and fight. And whether I get hurt or whether I die, you are a man I'm willing to follow.”

As you said those words, Steve finally raised his gaze, searching for the honesty in your eyes and he knew you’d meant everything you had said. You stared at each other, your breath heaving as your chest rose with each inhalation and your lips curved into a warm smile, telling you’d be here for him and you understood how he felt at this moment.

The guilt had become something you had to deal with in your career and as a soldier; he realized you both had to make some room in your life for this sentiment. Yet, it was your job and you knew what you’d both signed up for years ago. Post traumatic stress disorder or not, he finally felt it was probably time to take another step in his new life.

“Thank you.”

“It’s okay… I know how to cheer you up,” you soothed as a small smile finally crept up onto his face. “Do you want to see something really cool?”


On the rooftop of the 101 Park Avenue building, only five minutes away from your own apartment in the Stark Tower, you lay on the ground next to Steve and stared up at the sky. By your sides, he placed his arm under his head and fluttered his eyes closed, exhaling like he had never done in months.

A beam curled your lips as you only listened to the silence and focused on the sound of his reassuring steady breathing next to you, bringing a perfect final point to a whole day spent with him. You inhaled the fresh air of the last days of summer and for a long quiet pause, you admired the stars shining bright and the unnoticeable details of a lovely night in Manhattan.

“Only place in the city you can actually see the stars,” you whispered.


“Yeah, even from our tower, we don’t have this view… don’t repeat Tony I told you this.”

“Promise,” he murmured, and you turned your face to him, noting for the first time how beautiful this gentle smile softened his tired features. You felt yourself captivated and couldn’t help, but keep your eyes on him like you had opened them on this day and saw him.

“I like to come up here to think. Just when it gets a little too much for me down there, it's like... it's like my New York version of a mountaintop. Best part: no cell reception, so no S.H.I.E.L.D. at all,” you laughed lightly. “Fury would fire me if he heard.”

“You take all your friends up here as well?” He asked, crossing your eyes.

“Actually, never really taken anyone up here. You’re my first.”

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow and you nodded, imitating teasingly. “Thanks.”

“If you tell anyone about this, I will rip your ears off and staple them to your neck.”

“Hell, everyone in this city seems so violent these days.”

“Aw, I am so sorry, sir. Did I hurt America's sweetheart feelings?” You faked the suggestive poor damsel in distress as you rested on your forearms, looking down at him. “Did I really hurt the Living Legend and Symbol of Courage?”

Steve propped up on his elbows with wide eyes and in a few seconds of silent eye contact, you burst out into laughter, bringing a hand to your chest. Two seconds passed and he couldn’t contain himself anymore, he finally mimicked you and your laugh slowly faded away, enjoying the sweet melody of his lungs running out of breath for the first time ever.

“Very funny, hilarious even.” He shook his head, smiling and your shoulder gave him a little nudge as you stuck your tongue playfully. “Your Stark is showing, Y/N.”

“Always such a pleasure to spend some time with you, Captain Rogers.”

Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: More than two months after the Battle of New York, Reader is mourning the death of Coulson, but she can't seem to understand his last words and that leaves her even more confused.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.9k
Warning: swearing.

   July 2012 - Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington D.C.

As the bright sun hit your skin on a hot day of summer, you stood in front of Coulson’s grave and remembered every moment you shared with your role model, your support and your mentor. During all those years with S.H.I.E.L.D., he had always been there for you and here you were, staring at two words graved deeply into the gray stone: beloved friend.

Those thoughts were washed away when the last words he had told you came back to your mind, repeating over and over again like it couldn’t stop until you unveiled the mystery: I’m sorry about your parents, Y/N. I could’ve done more. This phrase couldn’t seem to leave you like the usual pain of grief stayed with your body.

Slowly taking off your sunglasses, you chuckled humorlessly while reading the inscription on his grave, thinking after all this time being the best; they’d only called him a ‘beloved friend’ and that left a bitter taste.

“I miss you, Phil,” you said, looking down to the flowered grass. “Everything seems a lot more confusing without you, especially at S.H.I.E.L.D. with their secrets… I know, if you were there you’d tell me to trust our agency and we are the good guys… I get it, I just- I just… uh, I can’t shake this feeling it’s our fault if I can’t see you today. Even more than Loki’s.”

“Oh, I also got your damn cards signed by Steve,” you held them tight in your hands and kept the tears in your eyes. “Actually, I never told you, but you were like a father since Howard died. But now dad, mom and you are all gone… I guess every time I’m this close to someone, they have to leave.”

“You shouldn’t do this to yourself, Frosty,” Clint surprised you, putting a hand on your shoulder and you wiped away the single drop of water on your cheek, not wanting to appear weak in front of your friends as you were taught, before you put back on your sunglasses.

“He’s right. It’s a pure torture; Coulson would’ve wanted you to move on.”

“I didn’t get revenge and I miss him,” you confessed to Natasha standing next to you.

“I know, we all do. Now, we’re here because we are your friends.” The spies hugged you and you all stayed silent for a long moment, enjoying each other’s presence. When you told them you were feeling a little better, you began to walk outside the cemetery to your cars.

“I feel like something’s very weird,” you admitted.

“What?” Natasha asked.

“Phil’s last words. He said he was sorry about my family… what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Maybe he felt guilty about what happened twenty years ago,” Clint suggested.

“No, he didn’t even meet my parents. It’s been months that I think about it and maybe he was talking about my birth parents,” you theorized and looked at your puzzled best friends.

“It’s not making sense, why would he do that?” The archer asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Because, as you said, he felt guilty. I want to know more about it.”

“Wait, you told us you don’t care about them,” Natasha stopped in her tracks and you imitated. “You always said that they never meant anything to you.”

“Yeah, I still…uh, I- I don’t know… something’s different now. I’m sure he was trying to tell me a detail about this,” you shrugged and looked at your car a few seconds. “I’m just confused. I need answers, and I know exactly how to get them.”

“Y/N, you know what will happen if you do this,” Natasha looked at you dead serious.

“Phil always said: trust the system, but I don’t know if they are trustworthy anymore,” you claimed, opening your car. “One way or another, I’ll get information from my files.”

“Then, I will help you,” Clint smiled. “Partners in crime.”

“I can’t ask you to do this, Leggy. You know what we’ll be risking a second time, it’s our job.”

“I’m in too, you have the right to know if he was talking about your parents,” Natasha finished, joining Clint’s plan. “It’s not like we were always following the rules, though.”


   The Triskelion, Washington D.C.

As you sat on a corner of the building’s cafeteria, you opened your laptop after you had secured a channel of your earpieces with Natasha and Clint. Your clearance couldn’t let you have access to certain files, including your personal, so you counted on your best friends’ help to hack the Triskelion mainframe like you had done in the past.

“Okay, you have the flash drive. I programmed it with a decoy crawler,” you whispered while Clint walked to the level 9 restricting hallways to plug in the drive, which would allow you to get into your own file. “It'll use my browser history to simulate my online activity, so while S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks I'm trolling Facebook with the laptop Nat gave me-”

‘You'll be hacking your files. Right,’ the archer cut in and finished.

“Remember, once you plug it in, I’ll have less than two minutes before they catch on,” you paused, acting casually when Sharon came in, smiling at you in greet as she took her coffee mug. “This is actually a bit thrilling,” you confessed under a laugh when she left the room.

‘Ah, good, I'm glad. Now, we've just got to figure out a way to get the panel open.’

“Yeah, I’ll work-”

'Y/N, my meeting with Hill and Fury starts now, it will give you time.’ The redhead interrupted in a murmur, ‘I just made something special; the panel must be open now.'


‘I found the USB port and plugged in the flash drive,’ Clint described his actions and stopped abruptly. ‘Okay, Sitwell is heading my way, I’ll distract him.’

“All right, Phil. Let’s find out what you were talking about,” you connected your laptop and accessed to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s databases, opening your personal file. You clicked on your family statuses and a white file with the agency’s logo appeared, stating what already knew: Y/N Stark, adopted in November 1986 by Howard Anthony Walter Stark, former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark, philanthropist.

“Okay, guys, there is nothing on my own file, but I think I can get more.”

‘Y/N, you have one minute,’ Natasha whispered and you began to tap faster on the keyboard.

You closed your ‘family statuses’ tab and opened the ‘redacted documents’ one. As the page opened on the screen, you couldn’t read anything except the code name: Susan written in bold letters. Everything was redacted in black and you could only notice S.H.I.E.L.D.’s red seal with written ‘Classified Level 9,’ on the top right, leaving you even more confused.

As you kept reading the female name again and again, you couldn’t find why it was specifically mentioned in your file. You didn’t know any Susan working for S.H.I.E.L.D., not even a friend of your family wore this name. You concluded it was a classified mission, or maybe it was the name of your birth mother.

“There it is, Nat. If I could just access the raw file,” you searched for the right one, but there was nothing more about you, except your mission reports and other classical information.

‘Y/N, you have ten seconds to turn off the laptop,’ Natasha warned and you clenched your fists into balls, still reading pages quickly. ‘They are starting to get suspicious here.’

“Crap,” you closed the laptop and sighed heavily as you looked down at the table, this little investigation leaving you more lost than earlier. Without even noticing, you stayed in this position for long minutes while your mind hardly worked on a way to get the raw files you needed and finally put an end to your light doubts about your work in this agency.

“So, what did you find?” Natasha came into the cafeteria, sitting in front of you and you sighed as you raised your head, massaging your temples.

“Nothing except the word: Susan, but I don’t know if it’s a mission name or a code,” you stood from your chair and poured two cups of coffee. “If we can do it again, I could-”

“Y/N, they are looking for the person who accessed the Triskelion’s mainframe,” she accepted the hot drink with a smile and you took a long sip of yours. “We can’t do it again, at least not right now.”

“She’s right,” Clint walked in and settled beside you. “Sitwell was there to see what was going on with the panel. Had to use an excuse to get him out.”

“Uh, Y/N, looks like Fury summons you to his office,” Natasha drawled after she took your phone that vibrated, signaling you had received a text message from Hill.

“You’re screwed,” Clint chuckled, taking your cup and your head fell backwards.

“Thanks for the support, guys. It was great working with you.”


In a matter of minutes, you found yourself in the gray hallway leading to Fury’s office and without even knocking as you knew he was already waiting for you, you entered inside and there he was, sitting on his chair and staring out at the window.

“What did Phil Coulson used to tell you?”

“He told me to trust the system,” you responded bitterly, standing straight in front of the desk with your hands connected behind your back.

“Like your brother, you are a pretty good hacker, but we have some of the best in the world among us,” Fury stood up and walked to the window, still back to you. “You wanted to get details about your family.”

“But it seems that's a classified operation.”

“You don't have the clearance to know that.”

“I know what S.H.I.E.L.D.'s all about. Level 5s are more expendable than level 8 or 9! But is that all we are, just a number to you?” You barked and as he felt annoyed, your boss turned to you with that usual cold stoic face.

“Are you done?”

“I don't know, am I?”

“If S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps a secret from you, it's for a damn good reason.”

“So, they can hold all the secrets for our own good, but-”

“Don't interrupt!” He put his hands on the desk, clearly pissed off. “You just hacked a level-9 secure server, saw operational plans that you have no context for. If details get out, a whole operation could be compromised, lives could be lost!”

“I know my job! That’s why I didn’t open these files; I was looking for my answers!”

“You once claimed you wanted to be a part of that, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Did you mean it?”

“Of course.”

“Right, because someday I may have to trust you with a bigger secret than what I already told you, and I need to know that you can keep it,” he said colder than ever and you looked away.

As your brain rushed with all the information coming from every side of your mind; Coulson and his support, the anger provoked by the Tesseract events and the fact you’d dedicated your whole life to your father’s legacy that was S.H.I.E.L.D., you finally thought maybe Fury was right and you couldn’t let this sad episode get on your nerves.

When you’d signed, you knew where you were about to embark: in a world full of lies, secrets, compromises and suspicions even with your closest friends. If you began to doubt about your own employer that was doing the right things, then why would stay here, you thought.

If Phil had known something about your biological family, he would’ve had surely told you.

“Sir, can I ask you one question?” You asked, after a very long pause between the Director’s last words and yours.

“What?” Fury snapped and sat back on his chair, trying to put an end to the conversation that led to nowhere.

“What is ‘Susan?”

“That's classified.”

Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader has to answer the World Security Council's many questions about the Tesseract events and the Battle of New York before saying goodbye to the Avengers about to take the road.
Series: Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story
Words Count: 1.7k
Warnings: swearing (you already know) and very, very tiny bit of angst.

   48 hours later - S.H.I.E.L.D. Interrogation Room, New York

Sitting at a conference table with four screens in front of you, showing the World Security Councilmen and Councilwoman, you stayed in the dark lighted room with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s logo everywhere as you were heard by your superiors about your latest report.

Since you had successfully taken back the blue cosmic cube from Loki and threw him in the Helicarrier’s best jail, every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who took part of the Tesseract events were heard, giving their views on their actions during this dramatic event that had lasted two days.

“You wanna know what went wrong about this horror, this catastrophe that could’ve been adverted. That’s what you wanna know?” You asked, from the other side of the table, looking sternly at the screens in front of you.

‘Well, people are dead, Agent Stark, somebody has to answer for that.’ The councilman Gideon Malick said and you fought the urge to scoff.

“A lot of people have to.”

‘Nick Fury?’ The councilwoman Hawley asked and you exhaled, shaking your head lightly. ‘You filed several reports criticizing Director Fury’s actions since you joined S.H.I.E.L.D.'

“Because he’s reckless. The council ordered Phase 2 without even realizing what you were dealing with. You also have to answer for that,” you bit, still angry and suspicious towards your boss and his superiors, who attracted Loki on earth without even knowing it.

‘Your father brought us the Tesseract seventy years ago when Captain Steve Rogers crashed into the ice,’ the secretary Alexander Pierce notified, raising an eyebrow.

“Listen, Fury followed your orders. All I can say is he’s the best. I’ve criticized his way of work, yes, it was just my opinion. You know better than anyone else, nobody agrees with me all the time. Doesn’t change the fact he’s the director we need.”

‘What do you think of the Avengers?’ Malick asked, a hint of irritation in his tone due to your last answer as you knew he hadn’t the best relationship with Fury, but you were honest.

“I’m part of this team, sir. We’re here now and we made mistakes on our way to try to save people, but we did it. We may not be perfect, but I think we proved the world we’re the best qualified to defend it,” you smirked, laying your hands on the table. “Not like you did. Ordering a nuclear attack against our own country would’ve had worse consequences than that, don’t you think?”

‘What you are saying is out of context, Stark. We had no choice,’ Hawley argued in her strong British accent. ‘Let’s come back to Fury. What you said in your last report about his Machiavellian behavior: page twenty-seven, paragraph four can be-'

“You're reading specific selections of my report, Councilwoman. You do understand that reading a single paragraph out of context does not reflect the summary of my final-”

'You did not respond to the question, do you think Nicholas Fury also has to pay for the crimes committed by Loki?’ Malick snapped, daring your mocking tone full of sarcasm he had heard so many times in the past.

“To sell out the Colonel is to sell out myself, which tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you're in.”

'I'm expert in-'

“In prostitution? Of course not, you're only a politician, come on!”

'You do realize this council can release you from your contract with S.H.I.E.L.D. and end your career in the intelligence business!’

“Oh, you can, but you won't. You know why?”

'Being the daughter of the late Howard Stark will not save you from a suspension,’ Pierce tried to calm down the situation as you knew he considered your boss as a friend and he even had made him director himself.

“Then, go ahead. Do it! This is exactly what I say; you can’t suspend me because I’m an Avenger now, you need us. We did you a big favor back there; we've privatized world peace and even saved your asses’ warm seats and this agency from a certain end!”


   Three days later - Central Park, Manhattan, NYC

In the middle of Central Park, you gathered with Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint and Natasha, saying your goodbyes as you waited for the Princes to leave your planet with the blue cosmic cube. As you talked to Thor, it took all your mental and physical strength to not jump on the occasion and kill Loki with your bare hands, but this moment was hard for you.

Having the man who killed Coulson two feet away from you when you’d planned the funerals to take place the next morning, felt like someone was continuously stabbing your back and laughing at your body chained by an invisible power keeping you away from vengeance.

“It was good to meet you, Thor,” you pulled him into a gentle hug that he transformed into a bear one, earning a first giggle in days. “I hope to see you soon.”

“I shall come back,” he let go of you, smiling. “And it was a pleasure to meet you too, Princess of fire.”

“I know it’s hard… and I can probably understand because… he’s still your brother after all,” you swallowed, looking up at the blonde Asgardian. “But, please, do me a favor and tell Odin to make Loki pay in every way he can since I can’t do it myself.”

“When my father brought me on Midgard to search for Loki, I thought my brother was still in there somewhere… but that hope no longer exists.” Thor confessed with a bit of sadness in his velvet voice. “Y/N, cherish the time you live with Stark.”

Shifting your gaze to a heavily handcuffed Loki, you took a step closer to him and your hands grabbed the front of his suit tightly as you stood on your toes, approaching your lips to his ear.

“If you ever come back on earth, you can be sure that even Odin’s mighty powers won’t protect you from me,” you whispered a dry threat between your teeth, showing your growing internal rage. “I will kill you.”

As Selvig finally gave the Tesseract to Thor, you stepped aside - between Bruce and Tony - not missing to glare at the brunette and you watched them both beamed into a blue charge of energy, bringing them back to Asgard.

For the next seconds, you stared up at the sky and when they had finished saying their goodbyes to the rest of the Avengers, you walked up to Natasha and Clint, standing by one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s black cars.

“Don’t start another war without me,” you joked and wrapped your arms around them.

“Still sorry about happened.”

“I’m feeling good, Clint. I don’t have the bruises anymore.”

“Really?” Natasha referred to Phil and you shrugged a shoulder. “What will you do?”

“Not sure, I don’t like taking vacations, so non-stop working is the main priority,” you took a deep breath, dropping your hands in your pockets. “See you around.”

“After two months in your house in the Bahamas,” Clint chuckled, popping in the car with his best friend and you waved as he drove off the park before turning to Tony, talking with Bruce.

“Gentlemen,” you smiled and they moved their attention to you.

“Y/N,” the doctor held his hand and you accepted the handshake.

“Bruce, personally, I think we can hug since I saw the other guy. It’s basically like seeing you naked.” The science bros coughed instantly and you saw the super soldier sitting by his motorcycle, waiting to say goodbye to you.

“Of all the men on this planet, you had to choose him,” your brother snapped and you frowned. “Don’t play the innocent girl, I know about this small crush you have on Rogers.”

“That’s ridiculous,” you laughed, eyes wide opened. “We are only friends.”

“So they always say.”

“Anthony, you are completely missing the point on this one,” you responded with all the truth.

“Don’t you Anthony me!”

“Of course, I do,” you retorted, starting another small argument over silly things as Bruce looked at you both like you were aliens back on earth. He caught himself asking if he had done the right thing by accepting Tony’s offer to move in and live in the Stark Tower.

Annoyed, your eyes fell back and you hugged your brother. “Just work on the new building with Pepper and I’ll visit you during the week, right?”

As Tony agreed in a groan and stepped aside, you walked up to Steve as he did so.

“Hey,” you smiled softly.

“How was the interrogation?”

“Interesting to say the least. Suspended for two weeks, could’ve been worse.” You both chuckled and the super soldier held out his hand, only you took him in your arms instead, placing your palms on his shoulder blades.

Due to your sudden move, Steve stiffened a bit, not knowing what to do, yet he soon relaxed, folding his strong arms around you and he hugged with the same confidence as yours.

“Take care, Steve.”

“I slept for seventy years; I think I've had my bill,” he smiled, holding you tight. “You take care, you deserve to rest.”

“Y/N, don’t flirt too much or we’ll have to put him back into the ice!” Tony laughed as he watched you both with Bruce and you wished you could punch him hard. You ignored the billionaire’s laugh and Steve’s glare as you broke away, looking at the Harley.

“Where are you going?”

“Maybe I need to see the country under a new look,” he shushed, glancing at your car. “What about you?”

“I don’t know really, I don't like not doing anything... or maybe I should watch after Tony and Bruce in the labs of the tower,” you quipped, yet a thin line found your lips in sorrow. “But first, I’ll attend Phil's funerals with his girlfriend Audrey, tomorrow in Washington.”

Steve mimicked your expression and stayed silent for a pleasant moment. “I'll keep in touch with you then, I have your number.”

“Yes, you'll do, but with this guy around,” you pointed at your brother, who was complaining about you with the scientist as he started his [not discreet] car, “I don't think it's a good idea.”

“I'll keep my distances.” Steve chuckled, turning his head to look back at you when they left.

“Hopefully not too far,” you whispered, patting your hand on his arm and you approached your vehicle parked not far away from you.

“Y/N?” Steve called, walking up to you and you turned around, humming in question. “I would like to go with you at Coulson's funerals and sign those cards.”

“It will be a great honor for him to have you there, Steve. Thank you,” you smiled gratefully and with a palm on his chest, you tipped on your toes, laying a gentle longing kiss on his cheek to which he smiled, blushing lightly.

“You still owe me money, Captain!” You reminded, opening your car and you winked before he raised his eyebrows. “I’d say that’s a great excuse to see you again.”

The Faster You Rise - (Avengers x Reader) 9/9
Okay, guys, I'm gonna be honest with you right now, I'm really considering the idea of stopping posting my fanfiction on dA to focus on AO3. I'm slowly losing the motivation I had since the beginning last June.

DeviantART became a dead place for writers, nobody comments anymore... no, I'm not someone attracted by positive comments and stuff, but I just want to notice something that tells me 'no, you're not wasting your time here.'

I'm aware my writing isn't perfect, I mean when I look at Your Beginning, I'm so ashamed, but seriously, now I can see the difference because I learned and I keep trying to improve my skills. I'm not native, yet this experience made me feel better about my English and I keep trying to be better. This how it works when you write, isn't it?

And I also say this because not everyone seems to not understand my series is cut into numerous shots and are actually linked together, and this, even if I share the link gathering every chapter of this series.

Anyway, once again, nobody reads the description box nowadays. This was just your author ranting. I hope you like this chapter, though.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel characters.
Sorry if there's any mistakes.


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